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About us

Who we are

Our network, with a strong international focus, acts as a professional, reliable and expert partner in advising and managing legal and business matters for Italian and foreign companies. This includes all kinds of corporate issues, but also extraordinary decisions of the management, such as corporate crises, corporate succession and generational change, the establishment of new locations or branches and internationalisation.
Our team consists of young experts with international training and specialization in various fields, some of them even being perfectly bilingual.
Our activities are carried out equally in English, Italian or German. This peculiarity, which is not very common in Italy, allows us on the one hand to carry out our activity beyond national borders. On the other hand, we are also able to eliminate language barriers caused by different ways of speaking, which results in significant savings of time and money for our clients.

In accordance with the skills of our professionals, we have taken the courageous decision to work exclusively in the areas of consultancy, drafting contracts and legal advice for companies in commercial law in the broadest sense, customs, real estate, tax and banking law.


We pay special attention to the international framework with a focus on German speaking countries and of course on Italy.


Best all-round service

We truly offer our clients an all-round service that goes beyond the traditional activities of a law firm.

We want to accompany your entrepreneurial decisions day after day, and offer you not distanced advisors,

but partners for your company, who can also provide the following services in addition to consulting:

lLegal advisoring for M&A activities

comprehensive support for start-up companies, as well as for extraordinary business activities

Evaluation of the solvency or creditworthiness of your customers in Italy and Germany

Evaluation and renegotiation of your bank terms

Domiciliation, e.g. with a Newco and start-ups

Administration and accounting

expert and professional support in the establishment of trusts

Support with A.D.R. (alternative dispute resolution) procedures

Legal translations, also with certification, for public authorities in Italy

Interpreting services in German and English, also for notarial acts

Review and improve the rating of your company

Risk management