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Our team

Dr. Francesco Golinelli

Dr. (IT) Francesco Golinelli, admitted in Italy as avvocato and member of the Munich Bar Association. His areas of practice are commercial, corporate and real estate law as well as international law. He is also an interpreter and translator for German and Italian, Vice President of DExperti, former representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Miami and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai. He is a certified mediator in civil law matters.

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Graduated with distinction from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with a thesis on commercial law. He completed the course on EU Trade Law and Financial Markets of the Jean Monet Chair financed by the European Union with excellent results. In 2000 he began his professional career in Germany and was admitted to the bar in Italy in 2003 as an avvocato and in Germany in 2018 as a European lawyer. He has collaborated with the Chair of Commercial Law at the University of Modena. He has lectured at various Italian and German conferences on commercial and banking law. Before founding his own law firm, he worked with leading law firms in Frankfurt and Vienna and was an advisor on banking law for a well-known foreign banking institution and a Viennese private bank. By ministerial decree he obtained the recognition of his academic titles in Germany and passed the bilingual examination Italian-German level “A – Doctorate” at the competent office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Since 2001 he has been a member of the German-Italian Lawyers’ Association at the University of Munich. He is an interpreter and translator for the German language and was a consultant for legal terminology and Italian law at a society established at the Swiss University of Fribourg.

Main focuses: He is active on German, Italian and international level, with a focus on commercial, banking, corporate, real estate and customs law as well as insolvency law. He also occasionally acts as insolvency administrator.

Working languages: Italian, German, English, Spanish.



Civil law expert and mediator. After graduating in law at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he has been practising the legal profession since 2002. Since 2005 he has been admitted as an avvocato and advises our network in matters of traffic and insolvency law. In 2010 he obtained a doctorate in private and commercial law from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Faculty of Law. He is a lecturer in traffic and transport law in the training and further training courses for teachers and driving school instructors organised by the Italian Automobile Club A.C.I. in coordination with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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He is in charge of the jurisprudential review of the A.C.I. Modena and the column on real estate law in the magazine “Up! He is a mediator, former business arbitrator, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Modena since 2009.
He gained significant experience in the field of bankruptcy and real estate. In particular, he deals with the drafting of contracts under civil and commercial law, media liability and various types of traffic and transport liability.

working languages: Italian and English.



Specialist consultant for copyright and international law. After graduating from the University of Trento, he has been working as an “avvocato” in Italy and Portugal since 2004.
He received his training in Italy and at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic Portuguese University in Lisbon. He completed a one-semester legal internship in a leading associated law firm in Lisbon.
He has particular experience in civil law, road safety, international law, copyright law.
He mainly deals with commercial law, copyright law and trademark and patent protection at international level.

Working languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish.


He has been an auditor and tax consultant since 1994. His activities are in the areas of business valuation and organizational consulting for companies in various industries, whether small, medium or large companies in Germany and abroad.
Since 2015 he has been an official expert for “business valuations” at the Court of Milan.

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He is a lecturer in numerous courses and conferences.
At UNI (national technical certification body for management systems and value added) he has gained experience in the field of certification. He was UNI’s representative for Italy in the ISO technical committee.

He is still a member today:

– the “Commission for Finance and Controlling” at the Chamber of Auditors and Tax Consultants of Milan

– the “Commission for the Internationalisation of Enterprises” of ODEC in Milan

– the Italian-German company DExperti

– the scientific committee of the “Industry 4.0 project

working languages: Italian and English.

DR. marco ciman (verona)

Certified public accountant and tax consultant.

His activities cover the areas of business valuation and tax planning for companies in a wide range of industries, whether small, medium-sized or even larger companies in Germany and abroad.

working languages: Italian and English.


Defense attorney.
After graduating in law from the University of Trento, he has been working in the legal field since 2004 and advises our network on criminal law issues.
He deals mainly with environmental and property offences, press offences and corporate criminal law. He is currently a member of the Italian Parliament in Rome.

Working languages: Italian, English and French.


Dr. (IT) Palmieri is a native of South Tyrol with Italian as her mother tongue. In 2019 she obtained a law degree from the University of Verona. She is currently working as a trainee lawyer in our partner office in Verona. She deals in particular with questions of German-Italian legal relations.

Working languages: Italian and German.


Dr. (IT) Remeikyte is a Lithuanian legal advisor. In 2018, she also obtained a law degree from the University of Verona. She is currently working with us as an external legal advisor and accountant for Lithuanian law and for German-Lithuanian and Italian-Lithuanian legal relations. Her focus is on the establishment and administration of Lithuanian companies as well as holding constellations based in Lithuania. She is also an interpreter for the Italian and Lithuanian languages. She is responsible for the project of expanding our activities to Lithuania, where the opening of a new office is planned in the next few months.

Working languages: Italian, Russian and Lithuanian.


After successfully studying law and political science at Ludwig Maximilian University, the London School of Economics and Ann Arbor University of Michigan Law School, she was admitted to the bar in 1991 and to the bar in 1993 as a specialist in labour law.

– She is also a business mediator, a member of the Expert Forum of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and a lecturer at the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety.

Her most important memberships are:

– Working Group Labour Law in the German Bar Association

– Medical Law Working Group of the German Bar Association

– Association of Employment Lawyers

– EELA European Employment Laywers Association

– IBA International Bar Association

– ULN United Legal Network

– German Korean Chamber of Industry and Commerce

– German Malaysian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

– German Society for Mediation

– IGZ Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies e.V.

– Ms. RAin Hellmann is head of a well-known law firm for employment law with offices in Munich and Frankfurt am Main and advises our network on employment law issues

Working languages: German, English.