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Fields of activity

Consulting activity – business fields

Consulting Activities – Business AreasWe owe it to our esteemed clients and our constant efforts to remain professionally up to date that we have been able to gain significant experience in the following specialist areas over the years:


commercial law

We offer you reliable advice in the following cases:

Assistance for the creation of new companies and start-ups both in Italy and in other countries

Rent, deposits and business transfers

Advice and support - also as authorised signatories - for the establishment of companies in Germany, Italy and Lithuania

Disputes among shareholders, or between shareholders and the company

All shareholder agreements (assignment of shares, lease agreements, etc.)

Management of corporate crises

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Company renovations

Bringing in trade credits, also worldwide, and assessing the solvency of the customer

legal opinion in the event of entering the loss of trade credits in accordance with the tax office and applicable legislation

Contract drafting, with special experience in contracts for work and materials, logistics contracts, and real estate contracts

mergers, divisions, transformations of companies

Problems in connection with loans

Transactions and settlement agreements

Intellectual property and protection of intellectual property, trademarks, patents, IP law

Handling of cases before courts of all kinds and courts of appeal


customs law

We are one of the few law firms that deal with customs law and its administrative and tax implications. As this is a delicate matter, it is essential to entrust a competent advisor with the matter. Among the peculiarities of customs law, it should only be remembered that no enforcement order is required for the registration of amounts. The amounts due by the contributor can therefore be registered by a simple assessment of the duty or a customs document. Within this framework we offer companies our advice in the following areas:

Import and export of goods from and to the European Union

Customs warehouse

Conversion of goods into duty free at customs control

Temporary duty-free admission of goods

temporary import and export of goods for inward or outward processing

Labour Law


real estate law

We can support you in any kind of dispute relating to real estate and provide you with expert and impartial advice. Particularly in the case of construction companies, we offer professional support throughout the entire process of real estate development, starting with the acquisition of land, agreements with public authorities, contracting and subcontracting, barter transactions and the sale of real estate. We take care of the protection of corporate real estate assets by also providing advice in the field of trusts and assets.


tax law

We bring together the expertise of lawyers and knowledgeable and qualified tax consultants. We now routinely provide services for the tax problems that every company faces today:

legal support in criminal tax proceedings at the expense of the directors of the company

Tax consultancy

Support in matters with the tax authorities through conciliation procedures

Tax litigation



The use of bank loans is indispensable for business activities. However, as we all know, this has led to an often arrogant attitude on the part of banks. Therefore, the relationship with credit institutions should be cultivated in the long term by calling on competent and professionally experienced consultants. In this function we offer to support companies in the following cases

Assessment and renegotiation of conditions of banks and leasing companies

Financing procedures, credit lines, discounts on invoices, loans, etc.

Verification of possible overestimation, compound and usurious interest rates by Italian banks. In such cases, which are all too common, we prepare the calculations on the basis of available bank statements and usually initiate mediation procedures with a very limited budget.

Only in the event that no agreement can be reached with the bank, we initiate legal proceedings aimed at recovering the amounts wrongly claimed by the bank, whereby a success fee is agreed with the client.


creation or legal review of your standard form contracts

Each online shop received an average of 1.6 warnings. Frequent causes for this are not legally secure or missing terms and conditions (Trusted Shops Study). Incorrect, incomplete or outdated GTC can be very expensive for your company. Assign us with the legally compliant creation of your standard form contracts!

Comprehensive examination of the legal implementation regarding the wishes of your client

Creation of tailor-made standard form contracts for your business operations

Revision of your standard form contracts with change or addition requests


Rating Advisoring & Risk Management

We can review and improve the rating of your company. A good rating ensures better conditions with banks and other credit institutions.