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Fast processing

thanks to the latest technology for managing files and multilingual staff

Favourable remuneration

thanks to all-encompassing fee agreements

Highest Discretion

We prefer – possibly – ADR and mediation instead of litigation in order to provide our clients with fast, discreet and cost-effective solutions.

Our task and mission

Our aim is to solve the various problems that clients entrust to us and to eliminate stumbling blocks that can arise in a legal system as uncertain and confused as the Italian one, which is known to be notoriously insecure. In doing so, we carry out a cost-benefit analysis that is solely in the interests of the client and leaves other interests out in the cold.

This approach, which is common practice in Anglo-Saxon countries, is the reason why we prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution to litigation (even if the latter is unavoidable in some cases). In our opinion, it is an extremely valuable instrument for the settlement of disputes, which means a considerable saving of time and money for companies, i.e. our clients.

An entrepreneur has to keep up with the times and today needs not only quick but also immediate answers to his questions, which the ordinary courts can rarely offer because of their structure. If, literally following our professional credo, we prefer out-of-court dispute resolution to litigation, we are sure that we can offer our clients solutions to disputes that are ultimately cheaper, quicker and more discreet.

A prudent and competent negotiation with the other party almost always leads to a better and more resounding result than a judgement.

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About the law firm

Our law firm with its emphasis on an international orientation acts as a professional, reliable and expert partner in advising and supporting German and Italian clients.


Active fields of activity

We are active on an international level in the following areas of law: Commercial and corporate law, customs law, real estate law, tax law, banking law, debt collection and debt recovery including credit assessment, rating advisory & risk management, legal assistance in M&A, incorporation and domiciliation of companies and tax planning.


Our clients

We address mainly to companies, and offer ourselves as interlocutors for the different problems in the everyday life of an entrepreneur. Among our clients there are even lawyers who turn to us for advice on German-Italian legal relations.